What To Feed A Pig

As an aspiring livestock farmer, you must know what to feed a pig. Just because pigs are known to be aggressive eaters doesn’t mean you should think it alright to just give them anything edible. Take note that pigs are omnivores just like human beings. It means they can eat meat and plants at the same time. However, there are a few feeds that their stomachs may not properly digest. That being said, keep in mid the following tips whenever you plan to raise pigs either as a hobby or as part of your business.

1. Before you assess what to feed a pig, you must first consult a veterinarian. Hearing tips directly from the expert is one way to show how much you care about the animal that you will be raising. Depending on the breed of the pig, the veterinarian will suggest a particular diet.

2. Once you have purchased the foods that your pigs need to eat, make it a point to feed them once a day. If you want to adapt the aggressive method of feeding, give them their meals twice a day. Their weights will increase twice as fast, but you have to be vigilant for any signs of digestive illnesses.

3. The minute you know what to feed a pig, do not hesitate to study how to make your own feeds. Lots of farmers find it a huge money-saver when they make their own pig feeds. Not only is it a way for you to save lots of cash, it is also a way for you to expand your knowledge on the diets of your livestock.

4. Commercialized feeds are oftentimes ideal for your pigs so that they will be able to get the right amount of nutrients they won’t be able to get just by eating corn and meat alone. However, it pays to check with the feed provider for some preservatives added to their products which may harm your animals’ digestive systems.

5. Knowing what to feed a pig involves balancing their diet in such a way that they will not be underfed or overfed. As mentioned above, you can stick to either one of the two ways to feed them.

a. The less aggressive method involves feeding them until their appetites are fully satisfied. Doing so will save you lots of money for purchasing feeds. The downside is that their process of weight gain will be slower.

b. On the other hand, you can try the more aggressive method of feeding them twice a day. You’ll need to rack up your finances for feeds, but at least your pigs will grow bigger twice as fast. Of course, watch out for any digestive problems that might arise from eating too much in one day.

Now that you know what to feed a pig, perhaps it is time for you to plan how to start your livestock business from scratch. Remember that commercialized feeds are your best bet, so contact a trusted dealer right away.


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