Tips For Pig Breeders - How To Start Off A Business in Pig Farming

tips for pig breedersIf you are wondering how to start off a business in pig farming, then this article is for you. It contains a list of tips for beginners which all experienced pig breeders should know by now. To become one of the good pig breeders, you basically must have a goal just like most of the breeders - to generate profit. And if you want profit, your ultimate goal when it comes to pigs is to have them well-rounded and healthy. Here is how you should get started.

You probably know by now that this business is all about breeding. Pigs are ideal animals for breeding because it takes shorter time but with many produce. And so first thing you should do is take time to look for the right boars and sows. You need to go to a reliable buyer who has been well known to provide healthy piglets. You also need to ask for recommendations when it comes to buying needed equipment for raising pigs. In other words, ask for advice from the experienced pig breeders.

When it comes to choosing sows, you even have to be more particular. If you're ready to get started right away then buy those that are around ten months of age. As for the boars, those that are around eight months of age are actually almost ready to breed. Raise them for a couple of months or until they reach one year old and they will be able to breed at least 30 sows for each boar.

However, before they even begin mating, make sure that your sows are in a perfectly healthy condition. Examine them regularly so that if there are any diseases or bacteria present, you can treat them ahead of time. It would cost you time and money if that disease spreads and contaminates the litter and the other sows. You better treat it fast before the sows become ready for mating. Pig breeders know that when a sow is already fertile, the vulva becomes enlarged. Right then and there mating can happen.

Now the time has come that the sows are pregnant. This is a very crucial stage because you have to keep them healthy at all times. They need to be properly fed and taken care of. This includes giving them vitamins as well as cleaning their pens more often than usual. You have to get rid off of all kinds of worms and bacteria. If the sows become infected, you should treat them before they give birth. Most pig breeders use a mild but effective cleanser. Again, ask for recommendations.


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