Though I havenít read any other books on raising pigs to compare to this, I just had to write to you that the suggestions that were given in this ebook were very handy for an amateur farmer such as myself. This ebook has an excellent section on getting your pigs which is an invaluable reference for pig owners. I learned more than I would of ever imagined in this section of the guide. There is a rather extensive section pertaining to breeding and reproduction, which I read anyway and it was very informative. I would highly recommend this ebook to all who are interested in owning and raising pig.

Kathy Valentine
Oregon, WI, US


I am thrilled with your ebook and the other bonuses. They are really easy to read and apply. I would like to thank you for the insightful and helpful information in the ebook. The color illustrations have certainly make me go back to it all the time, looking for answers while we raise pigs. We made so many mistakes then that I do not intent to repeat.

Bob Koehler
Georgia, United States


Dear Sarah,

I did enjoy reading your ebook. As a new owner to 4 pigs, things can be quite confusing. The ebook made understanding of raising pigs much easier and it help me to reduce the stress as new owner. Thanks for everything!

S. Robertson
Mountain View, CA, US


Hi Sarah,

Iíve been raising pigs for almost 5 years, and I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about them.  Your ebook is well written, easy to understand but covers every aspect of raising pigs. I wish I had this material in the beginning to avoid making the unnecessary mistakes through trial and error. This ebook is right on to the point about raising pigs as it make sense to me through experience. So if you want a good overall book on raising pigs, donít wait as long as I did.

David Lewis
Texas, US

I have read this book cover to cover more than once now and find that it answers every question I have for near every situation. Excellent reference for beginners who is thinking to start raising pigs. Sarah, thanks for coming out with this guide!

Interesting, easy to read and informative. I will recommend this ebook to others.

Angeline Paslay
Midland City, Alabama, US


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