3 Helpful Tips in Rearing Pigs - Important Areas Which You Should Focus

rearing pigsPork is one of the most widely used meats in the world. A very cheap way to get all the pork you need is to take care of pigs on your own. Rearing pigs is not a very difficult task and anyone can do it as long as you have the right tools and a wide enough area to house them. Here are some helpful tips for rearing pigs:

1) Housing

Pigs need plenty of room where they can move freely; at least 20 square feet should suffice. Construct strong fences around the area because pigs are quite muscular and strong, especially when they reach adulthood. Pigs are usually well-behaved and will not try to escape but if they did, they can take down fences with weak foundations very easily. Since pigs have a habit of digging on the soil, you will need to dig deep into the ground for the poles of your fences, at least two to three feet and use strong thick wood, especially for corner poles. Pigs are quite sensitive to the heat, especially from the sun. Make sure you give them enough shade so you better build a strong roof for your fences or better yet, a hut.

2) Feeding

Providing a steady and supply of water is important when rearing pigs. You should give them plenty of fresh water daily. Not only do they use water for drinking, they will also use it for bathing. To avoid this, you should make a container for their drinking water.

Unlike other animals, overfeeding is not an issue in rearing pigs. Pigs aren't really choosy with what they eat so you can feed them your leftovers. You may also buy corn grains or food especially made for pigs such as booster pellet and powder feeds. It is a good idea to make a pig feeder where you can place their food instead of just tossing it in their home.

3) Hygiene

Perhaps the only issue when rearing pigs on your own is their hygiene. People generally assume that pigs are filthy and sloppy animals; that doesn't have to be the case. You can always give them a "shower" regularly using a garden hose. If you want, you can make them a pool where they can bathe; just make sure you change the water when it becomes too muddy and filthy. A five-foot deep hole is good enough for pigs.

Since pigs eat a very large amount of food, expect them to expel a lot of feces as well. If the floor of their home is made of soil, it can easily be absorbed in the ground but you still have to clean it using a garden hose. If you want, you can use the manure as fertilizer in your garden.


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