Raising Pigs For Profits - 4 Ways to Make Money If You Enjoy Raising Pigs As Pets

raising pigsSo, you enjoy raising pigs as pets, but did you know you can also make money out of them? Pig raising can be a very lucrative source of income when your pigs are taken care of in high quality conditions, using only natural materials for its nutrition, hence freeing it from diseases harmful not only to the pig but to the consumers themselves. What are the ways of rearing pigs for profits? This article will give you some light on this question..

1. Pig meat - Of course, its meat is its valuable byproduct! You can just imagine the high demand for meat from all over the world, as it is a common food for everyone. As a pig farmer, you can make invest on plumping up your pigs by feeding it with commercially produced feeds as long as you ensure that the feeds are pesticide-free. Since pigs aren't choosy animals, household scraps can be also used to plump them up. Bathing them regularly and making sure no pests will invade the pigs' bodies will ensure you of higher income once they are butchered.

2. Fertilizers - Pig manure can be subsequently collected and turned into an important component of fertilizers. Remember the hay you use to line up the flooring of your pen? Collect them and let them stand for around a week, then you can sell it out to another farmer or an interested member of a fertilizer company. You can make some money out of your pets' by-products!

3. Auctions - By learning how to properly mate your pigs (if you have a set of mixed genders) and raising pigs efficiently, you can let them produce offspring or mixture of pig breeds and auction these piglets on a farm fair or annual auctions on your locality. However, make sure that the piglets are healthy. Feeding them well and providing them vitamins or supplements will enhance its saleability.

4. Go Organic - In our modern times when people are more conscious with their health, manufacturers find alternative ways to yield products that will enable customers to enjoy pig meats with less effects on their health. Organic pigs are defined as animals that are tended to using the highest grade of feeds and procedures highly accepted in the animal welfare. Of course, organic pigs (and meats) sale higher in the market. You can research more about the policies that can license you as an organic farmer, and your produces as organic meats.


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