Raising Pigs - 5 Tips on the Needed Conditions to House and Breed Pigs For a Living

raising pigs tipsApart from raising cows, sheep, and goats, raising pigs is also a profitable business and a meaningful hobby to do. Many farmers nowadays have realized just how lucrative the pig business can really be, so if you're interested in learning about raising pigs and would like to get started, here are a few tips that focus on the needed conditions and materials to house and breed pigs for a living:

Tip #1:
In raising pigs, the first thing that you have to acquire is land and housings for them. Pigs need well-ventilated pens that are made from hog wire, fencing hardware, and of course hay and other materials needed to keep their pens warm and clean. Make sure to bury the fence at least six inches below the ground before installing the hog wire. You may also want to install electrical fencing around your property.

Tip #2:
Never forget to provide hay for pigs since this is a part of their nature. Believe it or not, though pigs are seen as dirty animals they are actually quite clean and do not urinate or defecate in their own pens. All you have to do is sweep the pens regularly and supply them with enough hay.

Tip #3:
The next step to raising pigs is to pick a breeder or a seller who is reputable and has a wide selection of pig breeds to choose from. Depending on your goals and what breeds you are after, doing some research and picking out good pig breeds will produce very good and lucrative results. For instance, you can search through the yellow pages for breeders or well-known businesses who sell and breed pigs as they will either sell you their stock or refer you to breeders who may be able to provide what you are looking for.

Tip #4:
Though it is ideal to let pigs roam around outside of their pens, you should fence them in so that they won't get lost or damage anything else around the area. Pigs tend to explore and would even root the ground, so keep an eye on them and fence them in once it is time to bring them back to the pens.

Tip #5:
The ideal feeding routine when raising pigs is twice a day. Make sure that you supply a healthy diet so that your pigs will grow healthy and strong for the best meat. Depending on the breed of pig, you may have to feed them either more aggressively or less to balance their food intake.


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