Raising Piglets For Beginners - 5 Simple Ways To Start


Raising piglets for beginners might seem daunting and a bit tricky at first, but it is actually pretty simple and straightforward. It can be summarized in a way that makes it seem easy enough: set up their shelter, ensuring comfort and durability; keep them happy, providing necessary materials and feeds; and give them enough attention, keeping in mind to give them time to exercise. To put it simply, raising piglets isnít so different from raising grownup pigs; the only difference is that you need to give them a bit more care and attention.

5 Simply Ways to Raising Piglets for Beginners

1. Setting up their Shelter

It is a good idea to start as soon as possible on this, because even though they are still young, they will need the proper accommodations constructed. A proper shelter will need sturdy fences surrounding their pen under a roomy, well-ventilated house. To ensure a sturdy fence, make sure to make the fences deep into the ground for about six-inches. Take note to provide proper ventilation of the house so that they wonít suffocate.

2. Construct or Purchase a Trough

A trough makes it easier for them to eat the necessary amounts of food everyday. Not to mention that a trough will make things easier when it comes to raising piglets for beginners. Another benefit of having a trough is that during feeding time, there will be time for the beginner farmer to clean their pen while the piglets eat.

3. Provide Healthful Feeds and Filtered Water

This is a must-know when it comes to raising piglets for beginners. Due to the fact that they are still piglets and have immune systems that have yet to be developed fully, they will need more nutrition and cleaner water compared to full-grown hogs. Simply provide them with feeds that contain all their essential nutrients. Investing on a water-filtration system is not a bad idea, too; because this ensures a healthier piglet.

4. Supply them with Hay

Hay must be supplied to keep them happy and warm. Pigs use hay for nesting purposes. They only use this during cold seasons; they roll around in mud to keep them cool when the season is too warm for them.

5. Provide the Adequate Spaces

While it is necessary to be able to let them roam about, it is also important to give them enough space in their pen. Pigs donít like being compacted together with too many other pigs in their pen. Also, when they are allowed to roam out, make sure to limit their time and to observe them carefully, because pigs tend to become destructive. That is also why they need sturdy fences surrounding them; otherwise, they will just destroy their shelter.

Raising piglets for beginners must be thoroughly prepared for, because they are still quite delicate as young hogs. Other than the fact that they are more delicate compared to grownup hogs, there are basically no more differences in raising them. Just set up the proper accommodations, supply the necessary materials, and keep them happy and well-fed. Soon enough they will be big and healthy pigs.


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