Raising Hogs - How To Get A Good Start

raising hogsMost often, families are interested in raising hogs knowing that they are clean animals and could become a good source for food. These hogs rely on their owners for good health that is why raising hogs are a great responsibility; their medicines should be constantly available anytime they need it. If you intend to raise healthy hogs, you must consider these three basic elements: adequate diet, shelter and strong enclosure.

Adequate diet is always a great necessity in raising hogs. Usually grains, oats, mixed with either pellets or corn. Pellets are utilized rarely; however they do eat several other things in order to stay healthy. Hogs can be fed with corn soaked in water as this will keep the corn from swelling inside their bellies. They usually consume fresh grass while hay may be provided best during the winter. Hogs do feed themselves well. However, if they are not fed enough they tend to eat their own little ones. That is why hogs should constantly have adequate food source.

Hogs could also expose you to any vicious animal in the country and this is quite dangerous to them. Some large animals should not get near with your little hogs. It would be wiser to be overprotective of them than to loose them because of beasts that are considered threats to their safety. Besides, you need to secure your hogs safely even after the mating process since it would cost you a lot if you would lose them while you are still starting.

In raising hogs, it would be best if you confine them in a neat and tidy enclosure. Although this is quite hard to maintain, it is indeed necessary. Your hogs only rely on you for their safety and health. Needless to say, a clean environment for your hogs will keep them from various illnesses. As the usual experience from hog raisers, once a hog gets infected, the infection spreads easily among other hogs. Placing a great effort on prevention would cost you less than allowing them to get hold of those viruses easily.

You must keep in mind that raising hogs necessitate large enclosures. The best are hog panels. These are made of really heavy steal, which is comprised of rectangular pieces of wielded wire. The panels are often held together by either large fencing posts or metal posts with the wires. Moreover, ensure that your hogs have enough space for them to move around. It would be easier to manage if you see them in a free, healthy-looking and happy state while you enjoy learning the basics in raising hogs.


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