How to Raise Pigs For Meat - Considering the Number of Fast Food Chains in Need of High Quality Meat

raise pigs for meatConsider how many people eat meat and the vast assortment of fast foods chains in need of high quality meat: you can enter this highly profitable business, provided that you have equipped yourself with proper knowledge, skills and the equipment to keep your pigs in tip-top marketable shape. May this simple guide on how to raise pigs for meat show the ropes.


The first basic thing is to know if there are rules within location that prohibit taking care of livestock. If there isn't, you can safely proceed. Begin by planning, just like any other business. How many pigs do you have to take care of? Consider expenses that will follow. The most financially-exhausting part will be the construction of a pig pen or a house. Ensure that you have invested on a pig pen with high quality materials to ensure its sturdiness. The fence and the flooring should be sturdy enough, with a strong roof overhead to protect the pigs from harsh weather conditions Hay should be abundant as it makes the pen more comfortable and prevents mess and hard cleanup.


Next will be the source of the piglet for your business. Sellers will be highly helpful for this as they can determine the breed and they have the eye to determine high quality piglets from the otherwise weak-selling ones. Other pig farmers highly recommend getting piglets from auctions and farm fairs, as these pigs are well taken care of prior to auctioning.


Nutrition will be another prime consideration. Pigs are basically omnivores and are not selective. You can feed them household scraps which can save you a lot of money especially if you collect scraps from neighbors. Pet pigs are usually fed twice a day, but you can increase the frequency to fatten your pet faster. Ensure enough hydration by providing constant clean water supply. Once it is plump enough, feed it with corn shorts as it can affect the sweetness and tenderness of the meat.

As funny as it may seem, there are some farmers who forget the reason why they have purchased their piglet. No wonder this happens, since pig raising can be a fun hobby, and like any other pets, a farmer can grow attached to his pet. You can avoid this situation by naming your pig after a food name to constantly remind you of your aim.


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