Building the Best Pig House - The Best Way for Raising Pigs

pig houseThe best way of obtaining a pig house is to provide your pigs with a house, which can keep them comfortable in various seasons. The best ones are built from either concrete or bricks since you can clean them easily. However, there are also some which are made of wood surrounded with a wire mesh. The purpose of the mesh is to keep the pigs from gnawing the wood. Apart from the structure, accessibility to shallow ponds or mud is of equal importance since this would enable them to cool-off during hot days. Moreover, in raising swine, you must ensure that food and water are available within the vicinity. However, since swine or pigs are considered strong creatures, they need to be secured in strong enclosures all the time.

The ideal length of a pig house is around 4 feet tall. An average swine weighs around 150 pounds; however some would weigh enormously up to 700 pounds, eight feet by sixteen feet area for every pig would be sufficient to enable them to move around their shelter with real comfort. Before building their house, initially secure a blueprint with instructions. In constructing a pig house, getting a good guide and executing your ideal house very well is important to save from expenses caused by repair. Usually the materials needed are bricks or concrete, with 6 metal posts, wire mesh, hog panels, plywood and straw. Various designs and accessories that you could place in your swine house can be found in various web sites.

The roof is usually made of wood and is built with good ventilation if you raise the roof eight to twelve inches above its wall, while the floor is usually composed of either bricks or concrete. It is also advisable to place straws all over the floor for adequate bedding. In addition, the walls could be composed of bricks, wood, mesh and concrete. Obtaining a well-constructed shelter is a great start in building your own pig house.

In creating a pig house, the location should also be planned very well. It should be within an area with enough water supplies such that it contains an outdoor well or constructed near a pond. It is common practice that pig farmers do dig a foot or so into the ground prior to building the house. This is beneficial in insulating and cooling the inside of the swine house to enable them to feel comfortable the whole year round.

Overall, obtaining a pig house is not really difficult as long as your desire is to provide your pigs with comfortable dwelling. Investing on good construction materials, providing adequate area and installing it in a good location would definitely help in raising your pigs very well.


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