Pig Breeding Tips to Remember If You Want to Produce Well-Rounded Pigs

pig breeding tipsPig breeding basically refers to the process of mating pigs for business. Pigs are one of the most favorable farm animals to breed simply because they have a short gestation period and they can produce large litters. What's more, you can breed up to 50 females with just a few year-old boars, so it is a very lucrative business as it doesn't take up so much time and effort to breed.

If you're into the pig breeding business and would like to get started already, here are a few tips to breeding successfully and producing well-rounded pigs:

o Pig breeding requires research and good analytical skills when choosing boars and sows for breeding. Take some time to research on where to look for good pigs to buy, who to go to, and the equipment needed to facilitate good breeding. You may ask your favorite stores and businesses for referrals when looking for pig breeders. They will direct you to breeders who are known for their healthy and admirable boars, sows, and who are known to produce impressive litters all the time.

o In pig breeding, particularly when choosing sows, pick those that are at least 10 months old. For boars, if you are just starting out you can buy one or two that are at least 8 months old and raise them well until they are able to breed a larger number of females. Boars that are at least a year old can breed with about 30 to 50 females.

o To be able to breed healthy piglets, it is important that you conduct physical check-ups with your sows not only to see if they are ready to mate but also if they have any health problems or diseases that could affect the litter. You will know if a sow is ready to mate by the swelling of its vulva, which is the main indicator of fertility. In pig breeding, the process can be done immediately once fertility is detected, so if you have young sows you can begin mating on the first day of fertility.

o Remember to always keep the pens or stalls clean and free from worms or lice so that diseases won't spread from the pigs to the litters. You should also treat the mothers for these parasites before the litters are due to be born. You can clean the stalls regularly with a mild cleanser and wash the pregnant pigs gently once in a while before the piglets are born.



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