Why Pig Adoption is the Best and Cost-Effective Option For Responsible Pet Pig Owners

pig adoptionPigs can make good pets, contrary to what most people believe, since they are affectionate and intelligent creatures that can be easily trained. And belaying their reputation as smelly creatures, pigs are odor-free if they are kept clean; they likely give the impression that they smell bad because they like to wallow in mud and root around in their own manure. Of course, not all pig breeds make suitable pets; the most common domesticated pig species are the miniature pot-bellied pigs, like the one that George Clooney had as a pet.

If you would like to have a pot-bellied pig as a pet, pig adoption is a valid option, as well as a cost-effective one, since most sanctuaries and rescue shelters are willing to give you pigs that have been abandoned by their owners for free or for a small fee. However, before considering pig adoption, you should know what you are in for if you have a pig as a pet.

First, you should realize that while a neutered pig can be sweet-natured and sensitive, their intelligence means they can be easily bored if they are not given constant attention. Thus, they can be destructive while looking for ways to entertain themselves. Just as if they were outdoors, they can root out carpeting, linoleum and even eat drywall.

Second, pigs can also be aggressive when they reach a certain age and start to vie for a top position in the herd (your family). This means that they may exhibit dangerous behavior towards family members or guests, such as swinging their head and snapping.

Third, you should be able to provide the proper living environment for a pig. They need a pool for cooling off since they do not sweat. Their sleeping quarters should also have plenty of bedding, particularly during the colder months, since they love burying themselves under blankets or straw.

Another obstacle to pig adoption is your local zoning laws, since pigs are classified as exotic pets and there may be restrictions against their ownership.

If you believe that you can be a responsible pig owner, however, pig adoption is strongly recommended. Do not buy pigs, particularly for large sums of money, since you are not sure if the seller has cared for the pig properly or given it the required shots. Before allowing pig adoption, most responsible sanctuaries will make sure the pigs are healthy and check out the family wanting to adopt to make sure the pig will have a good home.


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