Top List of Suggested Names For Pigs - Choosing the Perfect Pig Names For Your Pet

names for pigsThanks to actor George Clooney, everyone is now aware that pigs make good pets. Contrary to their reputation as dirty and vicious creatures, they are actually intelligent, affectionate and even friendly creatures that don't smell and are generally quiet. In some ways, they are supposed to be even smarter than the average domestic dog and are ranked fourth in intelligence after dolphins and whales. They can be trained to do tricks in a relatively short period of time and will remember how to do them throughout their lives. If you are considering keeping a pig as a pet, make sure you learn how to care pigs properly. Of course, the right name is also a must. Here are some suggestions for names for pigs.

There are several pigs that have become popular in children's literature, and their names are popular names for pigs. First, there's Babe, the piglet who learned how to herd sheep. Then, there's Wilbur, the pig who was befriended by Charlotte the spider in Charlotte's Web. Of course, there's also Porky Pig from the Warner Brothers cartoons, Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show and Pumbaa from the Lion King.

You can also choose names for pigs that reflect their personality or some aspect of their behavior. Names under this category including Oink, Snort and Grunt (for the noises they make), Digger (for their tendency to always root around looking for food), Truffles (a favorite food of a pig), Freckles (for their fair skin) and Fatso. If your pig is unusually intelligent, you can call it Albert or Einstein. If you want to be a bit insensitive, you can also christen them with names like Bacon, Pork Chop, Sausage and Spam.

Names for pigs can also be jokey. For example, there's Kevin (as in Kevin Bacon), Hamlet and Tiny or Shrimp (even miniature pot-bellied pigs, the favored breed to keep as pets, can weigh 125 pounds when mature). You can also play with famous names, such as Spamela Anderson and Tammy Swinette.

If you are raising a pair, names for pigs can be those of famous couples, such as Laurel and Hardy, George and Gracie, and Samson and Delilah. But don't limit yourselves to these suggestions. Names for pigs can ultimately be anything you want; what is more important is the care you give to your pet and the attention you lavish on it, which will be more than amply rewarded by the affection and companionship they can provide for you and your family.


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