Keeping Pigs As A Pet - Is It A Good Idea?

keeping pigs as a petFor most people, keeping pigs in their house is out of the question because of the image they have. However, keeping pigs as pet is possible and could be a pleasant experience as long as you take proper care for the animal. A pot bellied pig is an excellent pet because it doesn't take too much space in your home like other breeds. The size of a fully adult pot bellied pig is comparable to a medium to a large sized dog.

Why would anyone think keeping pigs as pet is a good idea? Pigs have a lot of good qualities. They are highly intelligent; according to scientists, they are just behind chimpanzees when it comes to intelligence. This means that pigs are smarter than dogs and cats by quite a large margin. Since intelligence is a good way to measure learning abilities, this means that pigs can be trained. Domesticated pigs can be taught where to relieve themselves and pigs kept outside have been documented to use a specific spot in the yard as their litter box.

Pigs are also affectionate, playful and usually well-behaved, especially when they are neutered. They like having their bellies rub and will show you affection as long as you are kind to them. Pigs are also very sensitive animals. In fact, they are so sensitive that if you don't treat them well, you will hurt their feelings.

Feeding your pigs will not be a problem since they can eat your leftover table scraps. However, this doesn't mean you should always feed them your excess food. Pigs need proper nutrition, just like all animals do. Some pet stores and groceries may sell feeds for pigs. You can also buy pig feeds on stores that sell farm supplies. Never ever use dog or cat food if you plan on raising pigs.

Despite popular belief, pigs are not filthy animals that love to roll in the mud. In fact, pigs are quite clean and odorless. The only reason pigs spend a lot of time in the mud is because they don't sweat and therefore can't regulate heat on their own. If you plan on keepings pigs as pets, you should make them a pool where they can cool off. Pigs also hate the cold as much as they hate the heat so you'll have to make sure you give them adequate bedding during colder seasons.

These are just some of the desirable qualities pigs have that makes them a lovable addition to the family. If you want a pet that is intelligent, affectionate and is well-behaved, then keeping pigs might be your answer.


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