How To Raise Piglets - 5 Steps For Starting Farmer

When itís all about how to raise piglets, there is not much difference to raising them from raising full-grown ones. However, the former will need gentler ways of caring for them. Fortunately, itís not too tricky to take care of them, whether or not they are grownup.

5 Necessary Steps on How to Raise Piglets

Proper Accommodations

This is obviously a must-know when it comes to how to raise piglets. A sturdy fence surrounding them (this will be explained further later on) is necessary and it should be under a capacious house. Make sure to set up a proper ventilation system so that the piglets will be comfortable. Not to mention that a capacious house will be able to accommodate a wider pigpen; pigs prefer to be in a spacious pen, because they hate being too packed together with other pigs.

Sturdy Pigpen

Pigs tend to scratch and become destructive, which necessitates a sturdy fence surrounding them; otherwise, they will destroy their pen and destroy other things that get in their path. To make sure that the fences are firmly secured, stick them deep enough for about six-inches. Then, apply the hog wire so that they will stop forcing their way out.

Provide their Necessities

While healthful feeds and filtered water are essential, hay comes in as equally important. Pigs are nesting animals and they use hay to keep themselves comfortable. This is how to raise piglets properly by providing them with all their necessities. Furthermore, while hay keeps them warm and comfortable under cold weather, mud keeps them cool under hot weather.

Clean their Pens on a Daily Basis

Piglets donít like it when their pens are dirty, and the smell will become quite a bother for the farmer as well. The trick to getting around this problem is to provide a trough where they can all eat at one area of the pen. This will give the opportunity and time to clean their pen with ease while they are busy eating.

Spend Time with them

Although it may not seem like it, pigs are actually quite intelligent creatures. Giving some time and attention to them will greatly boost their happiness. Take caution to be gentle with them, though; because they might just get angry when playtime is too rough for them. Also, when letting them out, remember to limit their time outside their pen, because they might start to wreak havoc around the farm.

Thatís basically all there is to know about raising pigs. To summarize it down, a proper and sturdy shelter, all their necessities provided, and making sure they have clean pigpens are all there is to it. How to raise piglets doesnít have to be hard, and furthermore, it shouldnít be daunting. Just make sure to give them all they need, and of course, some attention to keep them happy. Also, remember to never take care of too many pigs at once; only take care of the adequate number of pigs that the accommodations setup can handle.


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