How To Raise Hogs - 5 Fundamental Tips

It is important to learn how to raise hogs properly, because it is no joking matter; moreover, it is because the lives of other living things are in the very hands of the farmer. While respect of the lives of other beings is important, other downsides to not knowing how to properly raise farm animals are the loss of profit, wasted time, and wasted effort. In other words, before the farmer starts to even think about raising animals, namely hogs, he should first learn the fundamentals of raising animals.

Essential Tips on How to Raise Hogs

Tip #1: Setting up their pigpen

What every hog loves is a capacious pigpen inside a well-ventilated house. Before raising any kind of hog, setting up a proper pigpen is the first step to do. While the space of the pigpen is essential, the fences should be setup as sturdy as possible. The fences should be stuck into the ground at least six-inches deep before installing the hog wire. This will surely keep the hogs from wandering about the farm, and will be kept safe and secure inside the pigpen.

Tip #2: Supplying their needs

Knowing what kind of things hogs need is fundamental when it comes to how to raise hogs. The most important thing they need is none other than hay. Although they donít seem like it at first, hogs are actually nesting animals; wherein, they need some hay to keep themselves warm which in turn makes them happy pigs. Depending on the current climate, some hogs will prefer to roll around in the mud if they are feeling a bit too warm. Rolling in the mud keeps them cool and refreshed, even though it is quite a messy thing.

Tip #3: Give them space

While it seems like a good idea to pack them all together in one big pigpen to save some money, it is still better to setup multiple pigpens instead. Pigs donít like it when they are in an overcrowded pen.

Tip #4: Never overfeed them

Overfeeding hogs will lead to them being overweight, and that is not a good sign if the hog is meant for breeding and not for slaughter. There are different ways, however, on how to raise hogs depending on their breed. To put it simply, feed the breed ideal for slaughter more than the ones ideal for breeding.

Tip #5: Donít let them roam too much

Lettings hogs roam about freely too much may lead to them injuring themselves and destroying other things around the farm. This is obviously bad for so many reasons. However, it is important to let the pigs get some exercise and roam about. The trick is to watch them keenly while they roam and limit their time outside to prevent any damages they may cause.

A lot of things are at stake when it comes to raising animals. The few simple tips listed here will surely increase the chances of success, but it should still be practiced with care. How to raise hogs shouldnít be too tricky at this point anymore, just remember to give them sufficient attention daily.


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