How To Care For Pigs Properly Following 4 Requirements

Pigs can be a great source of income, you only need to know how to care for pigs properly. Pig farming is a lucrative endeavor where you can get profits in as fast as six months. But there are a few things that you need to make sure of, so that your pig farm is a success. In this article, you will learn about the different factors that you need to take into consideration.

Do You Have Enough Room In Your Property for Raising Pigs?

The great thing about pigs is that they do not need too much room, but they do get sunburned quite easily, so you need to provide them shelter. They need a well-ventilated enclosure, open at one side leading into a fenced in pasture where they can roam about freely. And since pigs do not sweat, they need to have a mud pit where they can wallow in when the heat gets too unbearable.

Do You Have the Necessary Permits?

There are lots of paperwork you need to go through before you can start pig farming. There is the permit to keep livestock, then you need to get a permit from the environmental board, you also need to get a construction permit for the shed of your pigs, and more that you need to accomplish before you even get started. You also need to make sure that you are located in an area that is cleared for animal farming, or that the location of your pigs' enclosure is far away from other houses as possible.

Do You Have A Particular Breed In Mind?

You cannot go into pig farming with the belief that all pigs behave the same way. Different breeds of pigs have different temperaments, and they require slightly different growing methods. There are some breeds that you need to feed aggressively so that they can reach market weight fast, while there are other where you need to control their diet or else they will only develop more fat and not much meat.

Once you have a particular breed already in mind, the next thing that you need to do is find is a reputable breeder where you can get healthy piglets, and a veterinarian to make sure that they get the proper immunization shots.

Do You Have Enough Supplies?

You need to have a healthy supply of feed at hand, because pigs are voracious eaters; and if you took in a lot more pigs than your current finances can handle, they will literally eat you out of house and home. So make sure that you only get a good number of pigs that you can manage and still turn out a decent profit. A good starting number for a beginner without too much experience is around four to six pigs.

When you want to learn how to care for pigs properly, the things mentioned above should take precedence before anything else. Once you have settled the requirements mentioned earlier, you can then proceed on your plans of starting your own lucrative pig farm.



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