Guide To Raising Pigs - 3 Crucial Aspects You Need To Know About Pigs

Pig farming may be one of the most difficult forms of livestock raising known to man, but at the same time selling pigs for their meat is also one of the most profitable ventures that you can ever hope to do. If this is your first attempt at raising these animals, it is only natural that you feel nervous, but not to worry, because in this guide to raising pigs you will learn a lot about these animals and how to properly take care of them. And as you go, you will learn that these animals that you once thought were dirty are not so bad after all.

1. Cleaning

The pig got a negative reputation as being a dirty animal only because people thought about them that way. The truth is that pigs are actually very clean, they have the sense to not urinate or defecate in their sleeping areas. So if you think that you will be having a hard time cleaning a pig sty, then you may be in for a surprise.

2. Shelter

Another thing that may surprise you about pigs is that they are very intelligent animals. If you let your pigs roam outside of their sty, make sure that you have installed a very sturdy fence that will not give them any chance of escape. If you give them even a minute chance of getting out of the enclosure, like a small tear in the wire, or a loose fence post, the pigs will take advantage of such weakness and escape from your property. Always keep a close eye on their enclosure and constantly check for any disrepair.

It is best that you raise your pigs in an indoor enclosure like a barn because it will lessen their chances for escape, and you get to control what they eat. You can also collect their feces, dry them out in the sun, and use it as fertilizer, which is yet another way you can make a profit out of them.

3. Food And Water

If you are planning on selling your pigs for their meat, then you should feed them more than just table scraps. You should invest in a good feed that will help them get heavier and leaner, with only a thin layer of fat, these kinds of pigs are very sought after in slaughterhouses and markets.

The saying “sweaty as a pig” does not hold one ounce of truth, because in reality, pigs do not sweat, this is why they need to wallow in mud to keep themselves cool. But if you do not want them to track mud all over the place, you can give them a huge trough of water in their sty. You should also consider hosing them down when it gets particularly hot outside.

Do Not be Afraid to Try Pig Farming

This guide to raising pigs may be short, but you have learned some of the most important aspects of pig raising. The journey ahead may be difficult, but when you get the hang of it and start raising huge and lean pigs, you are in for a massive payday.



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