Tips on Feeding Piglets That Have Been
Orphaned - What You Need to Know When
Raising Piglets

feeding pigletsYou may already have ideas about feeding piglets if you have been running a small pig farm for quite some time. You may be doing great until you find some piglets that are abandoned by their real mothers. Now you are wondering if your ideas about feeding piglets are still applicable in this scenario.

These piglets that are now considered orphans need extra care, attention and you need a modicum of luck as its owner. Here are some essential things that you need to remember about feeding and caring for piglets.

1. You need to make sure that these baby pigs stay warm all the time. The recommended temperature that must be maintained on the space where they will be staying is 90 degrees. You can put them on a pet carrier or a playpen where you will safely place a heating pad. You can opt to use a safety heat lamp as long as you will have this hooked on a spot where it won't accidentally fall. Newly born pigs are not capable of producing their own heat. They are only able to develop this kind of ability after two weeks.

2. In feeding piglets, you will be like a mother to them. You can use a small flat dish where you will place the food while you are holding the animal on the other hand. At the beginning, it is only normal for the pig to fight because they aren't sure what you are trying to do. Eventually, they will get what you want to happen and figure things out on their own.

What do you feed these orphaned animals? Goat's milk is okay as well as sow milk for starters. You need to warm the milk first before giving it to them. Just like real babies, they won't consume much at a time so they have to be fed often, especially when they are only some days or a week's old. If you will use formula milk, you have to read the details about how long it will last because these young pigs are prone to diarrhea that can really have big and negative impact on their health and chances of survival.


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